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Celebrate a winging with a replica model of the TC-12 flown by the VT-35 Stingrays.
Celebrate a winging with a replica model of the TC-12 flown by the VT-35 Stingrays. Each model is carefully crafted and may be customized (allow for 60-90 days for custom work). Makes a memorable winging gift upon completion of training. Size: 18 Wingspan Training Squadron THIRTY-FIVE (VT-35) is one of two advanced multi-engine training squadrons in the Navy. Student Military Aviators selected to fly the C-130 (USAF) and P-3 (USN) report to VT-35 for training focused on asymmetrical thrust and instrument flight, and are awarded their pilot wings upon graduation. The squadron also provides fixed wing multi-engine transition training to U. S. Navy test pilot candidates from the helicopter community. The squadron executes nearly 14,000 hours annually, encompassing over 43,000 landings and nearly 6,500 student flight training events. The squadron is the only advanced joint leadership (USN and USAF) flight training squadron in the military. The squadron was established on 29 October 1999 under the leadership of an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel - the first time that a Navy command was established under the leadership of a US Air Force Commanding Officer. In its first three years of existence, the command reached the pinnacle of the Naval Air Training Command. VT-35 was the Calendar Year 2000 recipient of the Chief of Naval Air Training s (CNATRA) award for Training Excellence as well as the 2000 recipient of the VADM Goldthwaite Award for Training Excellence. The command exceeded all expectations in its first two years of existence, increasing pilot production by 20 percent for two consecutive years. In addition, VT-35 received the 2001 CNO Aviation Safety Award. The command consists of 12 Navy Instructor Pilots, 12 Air Force Instructor Pilots, 1 Marine Corps Instructor Pilot, 3 Air Force enlisted personnel, and 2 Government Service civilians. The squadron s administrative tasks are performed under contract by 6 civilian employees of SysTeam Corporation. Maintenance of the squadron s TC-12B Hurons is performed by 52 maintenance personnel under contract by Raytheon Aerospace Corporation. The Stingray Spirit is evident in the squadron s proud sponsorship of the Pilot for a Day program. The Stingrays initiated this program in September 2001, which helps youngsters who are afflicted with catastrophic illnesses and are patients at Driscoll Children s Hospital. The program provides these youngsters with an opportunity to spend the day visiting many of the Naval Air Station squadrons and facilities, experiencing a day in the life of a military aviator. For its outstanding community support, VT-35 s Pilot for a Day program received the 2002 CNO Project Good Neighbor Community Service Flagship Award. VT-35 is the squadron of choice for those who are anticipating orders to the Naval Air Training Command. The Stinging Stingrays of VT-35 are committed to training the World s Premier Military Aviators while making significant contributions to the Naval Training Command and the local community

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