The Cover Keeper

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The Cover Keeper - Keep Your Cap Comfortable
Introducing The Cover Keeper: a revolutionary accessory designed to preserve and enhance the shape of your dress uniform caps while prioritizing unmatched comfort during wear. Elevate your cap experience with this meticulously crafted device that mirrors the precision and care of a classic shoe tree for shoes.

Key Features:
➢ Enhanced Comfort Experience: The Cover Keeper ensures your dress
uniform cap feels as good as it looks.
➢ Preserving Shape: Our design ensures that caps maintain their original
shape and promise a professional appearance.
➢ Tailored Fit: Offering multiple sizing options to ensure versatility and
suitability for all users.
➢ Veteran-Owned Business: Support a veteran-owned business with first
hand experience with uniform caps.
➢ Made in the USA: The Cover Keeper is proudly made in the USA and
holds multiple US Patents.
➢ Environmentally Friendly: The Cover Keeper is made from recyclable
materials, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.
➢ Foldable Convenience: Experience the ultimate convenience with our
foldable design. Easily stow away in the cap when not in use, maximizing

The Cover Keeper is an indispensable accessory for
professionals who require a dignified look. Elevate
your cap style and keep it in impeccable condition for
every occasion with The Cover Keeper.

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