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About Us

I am a retired Marine who came in back in 1992. In that time I have spent too much money replacing dress covers. I came up with an idea a couple of years ago that would fix my problem and had it made in a shop in New Jersey. My roommate saw my coverbag and wanted one too. Then another buddy wanted one for himself and before you know it I made a bunch and now have a website.

The CoverBag is the "byproduct result" of years of frustration when pulling my dress cover out of the closet for an inspection, event, or trip, and  realizing that I need to either:
  1.  Take it apart and clean it.
  2.  Throw it away and go buy ANOTHER one.
  3.  Borrow one from a buddy and hope his isn't as trashed as mine.
If by chance, my cover wasn't mangled or dirty, I then had to hand-carry it on a trip and put it in a plastic grocery bag because the cardboard box that it came  in fell apart after six raindrops hit it.

This product is what Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Policemen, Fire Fighters, and members of the Coast Guard or anyone who wears a dress hat needs to keep it protected. 

Murph McCarthy