Additional Embroidery

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This option for Adding Embroidery after the order is placed.
If you have already purchased or selected a Coverbag, this is an option to add additional embroidery to the bag. You can purchase it as a bundled item by clicking The Velcro Coverbag with Embroidery

What is a coverbag for?

To protect your hat

The uniform hat of servicemen and women has become more expensive over the years. One trip on an airplane or a social gathering can leave an expensive hat stained, bent, broken, and unserviceable. The Coverbag will protect the dress hat (cover) for Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Policemen, Fire Fighters, and members of the Coast Guard.

Makes a great gift

Travel ready

Precipitation Proof

Reinforced Construction

Interior & Exterior Pockets

Fully Collapsible

One Size Fits All

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