USN-USMC NFO Wings Name Tape

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Personalized 2"x4" USN-USMC NFO Wings Name Tape
We at through customer feedback have learned that many of our customers are in fact "gift givers" and are not intimately familiar with leather name tapes and what information is necessary to produce them and how it is implemented.

Leather name tapes are actually an item that goes on certain military uniforms that identifies the individual wearing the uniform and often their unit and/or warfare specialty. We figured out that the size of a standard leather name tape is ideal for personalization on the Coverbag. By adding velcro to the side pocket of the Coverbag, we have made the leather name tapes a personalization option, which has been a big hit with our customers.

Benefits of Personalization

A fantastic benefit to having a uniform article as a personalization on our Coverbags is that the service member can rip it off (the magic power of Velcro) and slap it on their uniform in an emergency.

Example of name tape with "Naval Officer's Crest"

Here are the basics on information for a name tape:

  1. First and Middle Initial
  2. Last Name
  3. Rank and Service
  4. Service Emblem or Warfare Pin

The first 3 are self explanatory (see examples at top of page for clarification). Number 4 can be a little tricky if you are not a veteran and are trying to make this a surprise gift for a service member. We offer the following on picking a Service Emblem or Warfare pin for the leather name tape if it is a gift item.

  1. If you have any means to ask the person you plan on buying a CoverBag and leather name tape for ask them directly what would be suitable on their name tape. This is obviously easiest. You often know whom your prospective giftee's biggest fan is, they are next best person to ask.
  2. The emblem of the service they are entering will never be wrong. So Marines can always wear an Eagle Globe and Anchor (the Marine Corps Emblem) and Naval Officers can always wear the Naval Officer's Crest etc. on their respective name tapes.
  3. Service Member's typically prefer to have their warfare pin on a leather name tape however so that is an item you want to find out. It is something they have earned and are proud of, however please see #4.
  4. It is bad luck to put the warfare pin on a name tape of somebody whom has not yet earned it. If you have a boyfriend, nephew, or daughter that is going to be training to become a pilot, EOD specialist, Diver, or SEAL, it is bad luck to buy them a name tape until it is earned. Even the least superstitious steel clear of this presumptuous practice. If you buy a branch of service name tape now and contact us later when your favorite veteran has achieved their respective "neck-snapper" or "stick wiggler" status the new name tape will be half price!

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