CHEST CANDY TOTE, USNA 2019 (No Embroidery)

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The medals and ribbons organizer prolongs the appearance and life of awards and can reduce wear on expensive uniform clothing.

Perfect for military and first responders worldwide to efficiently and neatly secure ribbons, medals, and uniform devices while traveling.

What is a Chest Candy Tote?
A Chest Candy Tote is a carrying and storage tool for the ribbons, medals, badges, and rank insignia worn on the dress uniform of the Armed Forces, Police, and Firefighters. The Chest Candy Tote would help to prolong the appearance and life of these delicate and integral parts of the uniform along with reducing the wear on expensive uniforms if you were to leave them attached in between uses.

Why the Chest Candy Tote as a gift?
The Chest Candy Tote is everything a knife, flask, or shadow box is not. It is a practical gift that will have instant utility and helps save money and keeps your "Chest Candy" well organized and out of harm's way.

How can I personalize the Chest Candy Tote I purchase?

If you are shopping for yourself it is easy to navigate our site to find a particular patch to match your service community or branch. If you are gift shopping we make it easy enough to find patches that will be applicable to your loved one. If you are not sure how to "match a patch" with someone whom you intend to surprise with a Chest Candy Tote, please inquire to, and we can help you out. We also offer customization by adding an embroidered name right on the front of the tote.

How does the Chest Candy Tote work?
The Chest Candy Tote has a one direction zipper, the bag opens and has two hard plastic pages and a soft cloth page to attach ribbons, medal and any other specialty pins required for the uniform. The fabric of the bag is water resistant, and it has a hard plastic material packed inside its panels that keep the tote from being crushed and damaging the inside content.

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