Why purchase a Coverbag?

What is The CoverBag?

The CoverBag is a carrying and storage tote for the dress hat uniform of the Armed Forces, Police, and Firefighters.  This particular hat called by many a "Cover" is a cumbersome article to store and travel with.  It does not fit nicely in standard luggage and is easily damaged.  For Marines and Sailors, their covers are white and instantly become stain magnets at formal gatherings.  These covers have strong magnetic qualities to red wine.
Why the Coverbag as a gift?

It is great for graduation, commissioning, homecoming or any type of gift event. The Coverbag is a practical gift that will have instant utility and makes it easily through airport security just like any other piece of luggage.

Homecoming Gift
Do you know a Marine, Sailor, Soldier, Airman, or Coast Guardsman, who has just come home from deployment?

Tell us about them at info@thecoverbag.com. These people motivate us at TheCoverBag.com and we can motivate you to get them a great gift at a reduced price. Tell us who they were with and where they went and anything motivational about your hero and our board meets every two weeks to select discount selectees!

Example: My friend Captain John Reeves, USMC just returned from 7 months with MAG 29 and 3rd Marine Air Wing where he served as the Camp Commandant of Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. His wife just gave birth to a son and mother and child are great!

How can I personalize the Coverbag I purchase?

If you are shopping for yourself it is easy to navigate our site to find a particular patch to match your service community or branch.  If you are gift shopping we make it easy enough to find patches that will be applicable to your loved one.  If you are not sure how to "match a patch" with someone whom you intend to surprise with a Coverbag please inquire to info@thecoverbag.com and we can help you out.   We also offer a name tape option where you can personalize a leather name tape that is applied to the side panel of the bag that can be adorned with service emblems and warfare community pins.  (Naval Aviator Wings, Surface Warfare Pins, Eagle Globe and Anchor are our most common orders)  This Spring we will have a direct embroidery option to our Coverbags as well as silk screen option.
How does the Coverbag work?

The Coverbag has a two direction zipper, the bag opens and the Cover slides right in.  The fabric of the bag is water resistant and it has a hard plastic material packed inside its panels that keep the Cover from being crushed.  The inside of the Cover once inside the bag can hold miscellaneous items needed for the occasion, like gloves, keys, cell phones, and sword accessories.  There is an outside pocket that also can hold a cell phone or car keys.  The Coverbag has a handle on top for easy carrying and it also has a horizontal strap across the back of the bag for sliding the Coverbag onto the pull handle of rollaway luggage.


Precipitation Proof

The Coverbag is made with water resistant material that will keep your cover free from snow and rain

Reinforced Construction

The Coverbag is made with hard, heavy duty reinforced materials that will protect your cover from taking a beating every time you travel and will also keep it in one piece in your closet.

Interior & Exterior Pockets

The Coverbag is equipped with an interior pocket that can be used to store items such as garrison covers, gloves, or paperwork. The exterior side pocket comes in handy for items like medals, coins, or pogey bait.

Leather Handle & Luggage Strap

The Coverbag is reinforced with a leather handle for a comfortable carry. Forget about carrying The Coverbag with luggage as our convenient luggage strap keeps the bag securely attached to your gear.

Fully Collapsible

For the times you are wearing your cover and you only have limited space. The Coverbag is fully collapsible. Flattened, The Coverbag is only about an inch thick.

One Size Fits All

The Coverbag is designed to fit all different types of dress covers.